Authentic Repurposed Designer Jewellery
Authentic repurposed designer jewellery refers to the process of an authentic designer item being taken apart and upcycled into jewellery and therefore, providing it with a second life and chance to be used and loved all over again. These pieces are created by sourcing vintage designer pieces such as clothing, shoes, key chains, jewellery, bag charms and other forms of apparel and accessories. We then derive notions from these pieces and upcycle them into unique items of jewellery.
We believe some things never lose their value and vintage designer pieces have proven to stay in style throughout years of rapidly changing climates in the fashion world. This concept, along with a focus on sustainability and individuality, is kept at the forefront of our mind and label when curating our repurposed designer jewellery range. Through strenuous research, testing and work we have been able to create pieces that combine the luxury of vintage designer with unique and affordable accessories.
Due to the nature of our work and the rarity of these pieces, we cannot guarantee restocks of products. Each item is sourced and authenticated by our reputable vendors and individually hand-picked and upcycled by us, so availability is never certain, therefore, presenting a sense of exclusivity for our customers and reinforcing a strong sense of individuality.  
As we live in a world where fashion is fast, and trends are fleeting we have noticed a lack of appreciation for unique vintage pieces and a noticeable shift towards single-use fashion. By upcycling these vintage finds into gorgeous jewellery, we are conserving resources, reducing landfill, and protecting our environment. Through this collection, we aim to promote sustainable fashion to our customers. The addition of these pieces will instantly elevate any look, adding a unique touch of class and sophistication. We hope you love these pieces as much as we do!
*Please note as majority of our authentic designer notions originate from vintage, preloved pieces slight imperfections are to be expected. All pieces are thoroughly examined to ensure a high standard of quality.